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Joydens Wood Junior School

School Improvement Plan 2019/20


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Every year in the Summer Term we evaluate ourselves as a school and look at what we have achieved during the last academic year. With this evaluation and with the data available, we then decide what our whole school priorities are for the next academic year.

We like to include all staff in considering the strengths and areas for development. Information from parents and pupils gathered through the annual questionnaires also feeds into our evaluation.

We then make a plan for improvement based on the key areas of Achievement, Teaching & Learning, Behaviour & Safety and Leadership and Management.

Once we know our key objectives, we then decide what actions are needed, who will do them, when they will be done, how they will be monitored and evaluated and what the costs and resources will be. This information is shared with all of our stakeholders.

With the whole school priorities in mind, our key leaders and curriculum teams then make action plans for the year that feed in to this whole school plan. These action plans focus their work for the next academic year.

Each half term our Senior Management Team and our School Improvement Team look at our whole school self evaluation and update this. Mid way through the year (February) we monitor the school improvement plan and look at what we have achieved and what still needs to be done. Towards the end of an academic year we evaluate the plan to see what the impact of the plan has been. 


Quality of Education

To construct a curriculum that is ambitious and designed to give learners the knowledge they need to succeed in life




Curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills for future learning and employment

To distinguish our barriers to learning at JWJS and embed this into Growth Mindset across the school and curriculum

To identity our cultural capital and fully embed this into our Values Curriculum

Quality of Education

To embed quality first teaching into all lesson whilst delivering a broad and balanced curriculum





Subject leaders to ensure breadth, depth and relevance, as well as progression for each child irrespective of gender, ethnic background, aptitude or disability

The experience based curriculum inspires children to learn and develop their physical, mental and personal wellbeing

Regular, high quality CPD/coaching and mentoring positively impacts on teaching and learning

Learning Resources -  the resources and materials that teachers select – in a way that does not create unnecessary workload for staff

Quality of Education

To ensure that we are in line with KS1 data for attainment and progress in all subjects at Expected+ and GDS/High Score at KS2.






Progress for reading, writing, GPS and maths above Kent and National and reflects KS1 results.

Attainment for high prior attainers in reading, writing and maths is in line or above Kent and National KS2 and reflects KS1 results.

Combined percentage (R, W and M) for Expected+ and GDS is above Kent and National for attainment in KS2.

*Raise the achievement of disadvantaged and underperforming pupils so that they make accelerated progress from low starting points

To diminish the difference between boys and girls in reading, writing, spag and maths.

Behaviour and Attitudes

To ensure that our children’s attitude to learning is good





*To ensure that our teaching across all classes is at least good so that pupils learn consistently well

To consistently reinforce our behavior steps

To improve Attendance and Punctuality

To develop a love of reading across our school

Personal Development

To extend the curriculum beyond the academic, technical and vocational to broaden learners development




To enhance the PSHE delivery throughout the school

To develop a new SRE

To embed Forest School into the curriculum

Leadership and Management

To ensure leaders have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high quality education and training for all




To provide cohesive and adequate training for Subject Leaders

To monitor Staff work life balance

*Governors have a clear and accurate understanding of strength and weaknesses in the school and hold leaders to account rigorously for pupils’ outcomes

* Next steps for the school from Ofsted Inspection in March 2019