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Joydens Wood Junior School


Click here to read about our school library and here to see our Kent Literacy awards certificate

Joydens Wood Junior Library

We are very proud of our award-winning library here at Joydens Wood Junior School. It is run by our dedicated team of Year 5 and 6 librarians who religiously turn up every lunch hour to provide a much-valued book-borrowing service to pupils (and staff) in the school. The librarians are trained to stamp, issue, return, label, colour-code, and even dewey books. They also follow up any overdue books and are able to reserve or request books that children need or want. No adults needed!   Our librarians also look forward to our weekly ‘Working Lunch’ on a Friday where we plot, plan and mastermind further stratagems for encouraging reading across the school.

Our Librarians

Without our librarians, we would be well and truly stuck. They tidy, sort, stack, organise, titivate and even do their own displays! If you’re stuck for ideas about what to read next, come and consult with one of our librarians. There is something for everyone and if we don’t have what you want, put your request into our suggestions box. We’re keen to hear from you!

Year 6: Eleanor, Chloe, Nathan, Charlie, Olivia BP and Olivia E

Year 5: Louisa, Caitlin, Rebecca, Hannah, Mehreen, Poppy, Kyle, and Tess

What can we tempt you with?

Although small, our library is FULL of up-to-date, enticing books. Money raised from the Spooky Stories event went towards some new books specially selected by children in the school. For those of you who don’t want to read a book, we also subscribe to ‘First News’ – a newspaper written especially for children. Check out our new Newspaper rack so you can peruse our collection!