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Our Reading Books - Pandora

Launched in February 2020, our reading scheme from Pandora is designed to support and extend our children with their reading. Reading is a major focus for us in school, and is at the heart of all of our learning across the curriculum. We believe that teaching children read and love books is a collaborative endeavour between school and home, with as many opportunities to share reading as possible. We wish to encourage a life-long love of books and reading and through the use of the Pandora reading scheme we are able to provide a mixture of schemes, themes and authors from a range of different publishers. 

Each child comes home with a book and this is regularly changed once a child completes the book and the comprehension activities within it. All reading scheme books are colour-coded using our Book Bands system (see below for an image of this). children have been assessed by their class teachers and placed on a suitable band for their ability. they will have the opportunity to choose from a large selection books at that level. Teachers will continue to monitor their progress and adjust book levels accordingly. If parents have any further questions about this, that are advised to speak to their child's class teacher. 

Each child comes home with a reading record book and we are eager for parents and carers to listen to their children's reading. By reading regularly and signing the record book, we are able to work together to encourage children's love of reading. Reading record books will be collected on a weekly basis by teachers so that they can monitor and assess children's needs. 

We ask our children and parents to help us look after our book that are sent home, as they are expensive to replace. Most books do come with a protective cover, but if they do become damaged or lost, the school will need to charge for a replacement, as stated in our charging policy. 

Can we read other books/texts? Absolutely! We encourage children to a read a range of books/text beyond the scheme. See below for ideas!

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Book Band Progression


The following websites offer excellent guidance on finding appropriate books for your child. Some are grouped by age, others by genre: