Joydens Wood Junior School

Swimming at Joydens Wood Junior School

During this academic year, all children at JWJS will have swimming lessons.  These will take place at Fairfield Leisure, Dartford.  Swimming is an essential life skill and knowledge of safety in and around water can contribute to the overall safety. Swimming is one of the programmes of study in the National Curriculum and every opportunity should be taken to teach children to swim.

Children will be given a swimming hat from Fairfield Leisure on their first day of swimming. All children should have named goggles. Boys should wear suitable trunks. Girls should wear a one-piece swimming costume. Long hair should be tied back for swimming lessons. No toiletries are to be taken in (talc, hair gel, shampoo, etc.). Children should not swim if they have a verruca unless they wear a special sock. If your child has a verruca we would urge you to seriously consider buying this sock. 

Below is the schedule for swimming this year.

Year 3 – Term 5 and 6 (Thursday morning)

Year 4 – Term 3 and 4 (Thursday morning)

Year 5 – Term 1 and 2 (Monday afternoon)

Year 6 – Term 1 and 2 (Thursday morning)


Year 6 Swimming Data 2021/22

Percentage of current Year 6 cohort swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres 



Percentage of current Year 6 cohort use a range of strokes effectively 



Percentage of current Year 6 cohort perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations