Joydens Wood Junior School

Heatwave 2022

18/07/22 Update:

Heatwave Risk Assessment 

Please read the following information about changes to the school day tomorrow (19/07/22) in response to the current heatwave:

UNIFORM: Parents can decide if they would prefer their child to wear the normal uniform or PE kit tomorrow. This is not a non-uniform day. 

AUTHORISED ABSENCE: If parents or carers feel they do not want to send their child to school tomorrow, we will allow this to be an authorised absence in these exceptional circumstances. Additionally, parents and carers can collect their child early on Tuesday 19th July between 1:30 pm and 2:00 pm if they are concerned. After 2:00 pm the gates will be closed and parents will be able to collect at the normal time. Please inform the school office if you plan to pick up early. 

LUNCH: During the school day, we have spread out the lunchtime sessions to minimise group sizes when children are together. At lunch, the extra shade will be put up, but if no shaded areas are available, children can return to the classrooms. 

Our menus are also changing to reflect the warmer weather:

  • Monday 18th July: Tomato Pasta or Jacket Potatoes with salad
  • Tuesday 19th July: Quorn Sausages, Sweet Sour Pork balls in a roll or Pasta with salad
  • Wednesday 20th July: Roast Pork or Vegan Sausages with potato salad
  • Thursday 21st July: Sausage Rolls or Vegan Sausage Rolls or Pasta with salad

PROCEDURES: School windows and other ventilation openings will be opened during the cool early morning. Windows and other ventilation openings will not be closed, but their openings reduced when the outdoor air becomes warmer than the air indoors – this should help keep rooms cool whilst allowing adequate ventilation.

All staff in school have been provided with the risk assessment and arrangements for lunchtime this morning.