Joydens Wood Junior School

Homework & Spellings at Joydens Wood Junior School


Homework 2021-2022

This year there is a workbook for English and Maths for each child, which is set in line with the national curriculum expectations for each year group.

Homework will be set every Friday and due in on the following Wednesday. We expect the books to return to school with our children by the Wednesday so this can be marked with the class teacher.

If a child finds the work set challenging, then the class teacher will set different work, which will come home in a separate exercise book.

The homework that is set will either be a revision or an extension of what has been covered that week in class. It is to ensure those skills and knowledge taught are reinforced and can be applied in a different content outside of the class.

 Teachers will place a message on Class Dojo each Friday explaining which pages your child should do.


Spellings 2021-2022

Year 3 Spellings 2021-22

Year 4 Spellings 2021-22

Year 5 Spellings 2021-22

Year 6 Spellings 2021-22


English/Experience Curriculum 2020-21

Below are the homework grids for each year group for our English/Experience Curriculum.

Term 1

Year 3 Term 1 Homework

Year 4 Term 1 Homework

Year 5 Term 1 Homework

Year 6 Term 1 Homework


Term 2

Year 3 Term 2 Homework

Year 4 Term 2 Homework

Year 5 Term 2 Homework

Year 6 Term 2 Homework


Term 3

No homework was set during Term 3 due to the school's closure, but work was set via the Home Learning Planners


Term 4

For this term the children will have work set by their class teachers. They will come home with:

  • Reading Book
  • SPaG Working Book
  • Reading Comprehension Working Book
  • MyMaths (set online)
  • Spellings for learning (see below)

All homework should be completed in homework books and returned to school on a Wednesday. No homework should be uploaded on Class Dojo as this work will be looked at in class, with the class teacher, so the books need to be brought back into school to do this.

MyMaths online work should also be completed for a Wednesday.
Spelling tests will take place on a Friday each week.
Reading books should be brought into school each day.


Reading Tournament 2020-2021

Each term we would like you to send us a photo of child reading a book from the chosen theme/genre and/or chosen author (they can do one or both). Send them to your class teacher on your portfolio in ClassDojo and the class that has the most entries will win our Reading Tournament Trophy! There will be Dojos awarded to those children who share what they have been reading! A further certificate will be presented at the end of the term to those children who also submit a written response to what they have read.

We starting with a Term 4 challenge that will last until we return in Term 5. The theme/genre is funny/comical and the chosen author is David Walliams. Send us a picture of your child reading either a funny/comical book or one of David Walliams' books (or both!). For extra points the challenges are:

Funny/Comical Challenge: Pick one part of the story that made you laugh so much and explain why!

David Walliams Challenge: If you could add another character from another book into one of David Walliams’ stories, who would you pick and why? .

Again send the challenges in via Class Dojo! Happy reading!


Maths 2020-2021

Remember to log in to TT Rockstars and take on the challenges and battles set by your teachers!

We also have MyMaths homework that is set each Friday and should be submitted by the following Wednesday. 

Spellings 2020-2021

Term 2

Year 3 Term 2 Spellings

Year 4 Term 2 Spellings

Year 5 Term 2 Spellings

Year 6 Term 2 Spellings

Year 6 Term 2 HFW Spellings


Term 3

Spellings were set by teachers via the Home Learning Planners


Term 4

Year 3 Term 4 Spellings

Year 3 Term 4 HFW Spellings

Year 4 Term 4 Spellings

Year 5 Term 5 Spellings

Year 6 Term 4 Spellings 

Year 6 Term 4 HFW Spellings


Term 5

Year 3 Term 5 Spellings

Year 3 Term 5 HFW Spellings  

Year 4 Term 5 Spellings

Year 5 Term 5 Spellings

Year 6 Term 5 Spellings

Year 6 Term 5 HFW Spellings