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Welcome to the Local Committee

Joydens Wood Junior School is delighted to be part of the Nexus Education School Trust (NEST), and although we work very closely with them, the day to day governance of our schools is carried out by the Local Committee which works across both Joydens Wood Schools.

The key responsibilities of the Local Committee are as follows:
  • To carry forward the vision of the Highfield Academies and NEST
  • To ensure that standards of attainment and progress are high
  • To take a strategic role in the governance of the Academy
  • To support and challenge the School’s leaders
  • To monitor and evaluate the work of the Academy in relation to:
    • pupil outcomes,
    • teaching, learning and assessment,
    • effectiveness of leadership and management and
    • financial probity
  • To ensure actions are taken to comply with statutory regulations
  • To implement the policies of the Trust and the Academy
  • To support the strategic development of the Trust

Local Committees are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and play a vital role in raising school standards.  To operate effectively the Local Committee appoints members who bring a wide range of knowledge and experience.  The Local Committee consists of the Headteacher, Community members, Parent members and Staff members.   

Local Committee meetings occur every half term and Local Committee Members visit the schools on a regular basis.


  • Co-chair/Parent LCM: Iain Scott
  • Co-chair/Community LCM: Anwar Tlili
  • Junior School Headteacher: Paul Redford
  • Infant School Headteachers: Gerard Strong & Rachel Hately
  • Junior School Staff LCM: Kelly Gilham
  • Infant School Staff LCM: Emma Blake
  • Community LCM: Phil Westpfel
  • Community LCM: Stephanie Austen
  • Community LCM: Charlotte Jones
  • Clerk: Elizabeth Knott

Below you can find the following documents:

  • NEST Articles of Association
  • NEST Scheme of Delegation
  • NEST Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Local Committee
 Declaration Guidance Notes.pdfDownload
 NEST SCHEME OF DELEGATION V11 September 2023.pdfDownload
 Register of interests all 2023-2024 (1).pdfDownload
 SFA - Joydens Wood Junior School (2) (1).pdfDownload
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