Joydens Wood Junior School

School Lunches

Our catering company is called Nourish and you can find out more information about them from their website at


Our caterers - Nourish, prepare and cook the food on-site using fresh ingredients.  Our catering company is committed to providing balanced meals that meet school food standards and help educate students on how to make healthier food choices.  As well as our main meal served with vegetables, we have a salad bar and homemade bread.  Every day, there is an offer of fresh fruit.  Lunches cost £2.68 a day for pupils.  All lunches must be prepaid through your online ParentPay account.

Parents who choose to do so may provide a packed lunch for their child to eat. This should be brought in a plastic container, clearly marked with the child’s name and class. We have a number of children who have food allergies in the school that are life-threatening. We ask foods such as fish and nuts (including peanut butter) are not packed in any child’s packed lunch. Fizzy drinks, glass bottles, sweets and chocolate bars are not permitted.

For those parents who would like to discuss further the allergies that your child has and would like your child to have a school lunch, then please call the school office, who can organise for you to speak to a representative from Nourish before you book your meals through the above link.

Nourish has come highly recommended to us from other schools in the area.


Please note - If you require a school lunch for your child, this must be booked by 8 am. If a meal is not booked by this time, a packed lunch will need to be provided.