Joydens Wood Junior School

Policies at Joydens Wood Junior School

School policies are an essential part of every school, providing a guideline on how the school is run.  There are a number of policies which cover different areas of school life which are listed below. 

NEST Policies

NEST Attendance Policy

NEST AUP Parents & Carers 


NEST AUP Pupils Symbols

NEST AUP Staff, LCM and Volunteers

NEST AUP Visitors and Contractors

NEST Charging and Remissions Policy

NEST Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 

NEST Complaints Procedure

NEST Equality & Diversity Policy

NEST First Aid Policy

NEST Health & Safety Policy

NEST Online Safety Policy

NEST Social Media Policy for School

NEST Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy

NEST Suspension & Permanent Exclusion Policy

NEST Whistleblowing Policy


JWJS Policies

Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy 23/24

Admissions Policy 24/25

Admissions Policy 25/26 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Art Policy

Behaviour Policy  

Calculation Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Communication Policy

Curriculum Policy

Dealing with Threatening and Abusive Behaviour

Designated Teacher (For Looked After & Previously Looked After Children)

DT Policy

English Policy

Freedom of Information Act

Handwriting Policy

Marking and Feedback Policy

MFL Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Outdoor Learning and Visits Policy

Observation Policy 

Parent and Carer Code of Conduct Policy

PE Curriculum Policy 

Promoting Positive Mental Health in Schools

PSHE Policy

Relationship & Health Education Policy

Remote Learning Policy

School Lettings Policy

Single Equality Policy

Social Media Policy

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy

Sports Team Selection Protocol

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Teaching and Learning Policy

Website terms of use 

 Please email or call 01322 522 151 if you require a paper copy of these (supplied free of charge).