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Joydens Wood Junior School

School Parliament at Joydens Wood Junior School


Our School Parliament

At Joydens Wood Junior School, every class from Year 3 through to Year 6 have a School Parliament representatives. Miss Watson, our School Parliament teacher, holds regular meetings with the School Parliament to discuss ways in which they can improve our school. It is the School Parliament who come up with ideas for raising money, both for charity and for the school. They often make decisions on behalf of their class, for example food tasting and changing the lunch menu to name
just one.

The School Parliament members regularly meet to discuss the views and ideas of pupils at JoydenWood Junior School. These discussions are then fed back to the rest of school through classroom discussions, assemblies and the School Parliament noticeboard which is situated in the reception area.

Miss Watson also shares many of the issues raised with the teachers in staff meetings.

If you are a pupil at Joydens Wood Junior School, don't forget that you can put forward your suggestions about how to improve our school in a number of ways:-

• Speak to a School Parliament representative and they will jot your comments down in their 'Parliament Comments' log book which they will then take to the next

• Write down your idea on a slip of paper and post it into the 'Suggestions Box' which can be found in the reception area.