Joydens Wood Junior School

Academic Year 2023/24


TERM 1 – 2023

Pupils start: Monday 4th September

Pupils finish: Friday 13th October


TERM 2 – 2023

Pupils start: Monday 30th October

Pupils finish: Wednesday 20th December 2023


TERM 3 – 2024

Pupils start: Thursday 4th January

Pupils finish: Friday 9th February


TERM 4 – 2024

Pupils start: Monday 19th February

Pupils finish: Thursday 28th March

The school is closed for Easter Bank Holiday on Friday 29th March 2024


TERM 5 – 2024

Pupils start: Monday 15th April

Pupils finish: Friday 24th May

The school is closed for Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May 2024


TERM 6 – 2024

Pupils start: Monday 3rd June

Pupils finish: Friday 19th July